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    Jørn's sketch

    Jørn's sketch

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    Jørn Utzon, sketch of the roof of the Sydney Opera House, 1958.

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    It is a sketch in which Jørn Utzon is looking for a solution.

    Jørn's drawing was published in Den Røde Bog in 1958. It is one of the two books that Jørn published during the construction of the Opera House in Sydney, so that the whole world could follow the historic project. The Red Book was the first.

    At that time in the late 1950s, Jørn did not know how to build the roof of the Opera House. He had not found the technical solution, because there was no mathematical model that he can use. So Jørn is looking for a way to describe the geometry.

    But when you see the drawing, you can already sense the direction. And see the area that he has crossed with yellow color. Here he feels that he has hit something right.
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