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    Jørn's sketch of the Sydney Opera House

    Jørn's sketch of the Sydney Opera House

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    Jørn's brain works on the paper. He draws and thinks and is finding the final form of what will become his masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House.

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    This sketch is a good example of how Jørn drew. You can almost sense how his brain works on the paper - dreaming and looking for a solution.

    At one point or another he has hit on something that feels right. He circles a part of the drawing, the Opera House.

    We see the building as we walk up the stairs - it almost looks like a gate or a portal. Jørn is figuring out how the Opera House will be constructed and what it will look like in its final form.

    The sketch was made in the time leading up to 1961, when Jørn, after three years of searching, found the solution to the geometry of the roof.
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