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    Jørn's self-portrait

    Jørn's self-portrait

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    Jørn Utzon, self-portrait, undated. Used on stationery at Utzon's design studio in the 1950s.

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    It is a self-portrait. You see Jørn Utzon standing with something that looks like a pen or a brush in his open head.

    There is a direct connection between hand and brain. Perhaps Jørn is dipping his pen into the creative ink of his brain.

    It is a way in which Jørn illustrates that he is a creative person.

    And then it is a drawing that Jørn Utzon used since the 1950s on his drawing studio's stationery.

    Jørn is also naked in the drawing. And it is worth noting, because he was a very private person. So with that he also shows a vulnerability and sensuality in the drawing.

    Jørn also liked to draw himself into the architectural drawings for projects. There are many examples of this. For example, for a project where he lies naked on a terrace with his wife, Lis, and eats grapes.

    He drew himself with a twinkle in his eye. But also to show that good architecture creates the framework for the good life, which for Jørn was a sensual and authentic life.
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