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    Jørn's red book

    Jørn's red book

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    Jørn Utzon, illustration, 1958. Back cover of The Red Book, which was published as the first of two in connection with the start of construction of the Sydney Opera House.

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    Jørn Utzon was first and foremost an architect. But he was also a playful and creative person.

    Here you are looking at an illustration that was the back of The Red Book from 1958. It is the first of the two books that Jørn published during the construction of the Opera House in Sydney, so that the whole world could follow the historic project.

    Jørn was a person who loved art and creativity. The drawing here is an example of that.

    But it is also a somewhat mysterious illustration, because why did he choose it as the back cover of The Red Book? Jørn has never explained that.

    But there are some shapes that could resemble currents in the water. And then it is the same red, black and white color as on the front of the book.

    You must see the drawing as an expression of Jørn's approach to architecture and his artistic work as an architect. And his entire creative process of designing and building the Opera House.

    It is not an illustration that shows a technical solution to a problem. But it is an example of the playful creativity he used to reach his goal.
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