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    Birds on cliff edge

    Birds on cliff edge

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    Here is Jørn's sketch for the private residence Can Lis, located on Mallorca. It was completed in 1972. The building consists of small houses that, according to Jørn, sit like birds on a cliff edge .

    Want the full story? Here it is.

    Jørn has drawn a sketch where you can see five birds sitting on a cliff edge.

    It is a sketch for the home that Jørn Utzon drew for himself and his family in Mallorca.

    The house is called Can Lis. It is named after Jørn's wife, Lis.

    It is on a cliff edge, and the birds illustrate the many small houses that make up the whole of Can LIs, which stand along the raw cliff edge facing the sea.

    Jørn said that the house should be placed and situated in a way in the landscape that was as elegant and simple as birds sitting on a string.

    That is why Can Lis and the small houses follow nature and the place where it is built. It is not a shape that has been slapped into a landscape. It is built precisely for the place where it is located.

    The house - and the birds - face the horizon. And you can't see if they're about to land or take off. They sit there.

    Jørn traveled a lot, and you can see that in Can Lis as well. Jørn has told how he often sat on the terrace of Can Lis down there in Mallorca and looked out over the sea and Africa, which was out there on the horizon.
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